Our Workplace


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Focused on safety:

Cameco’s highest priority is maintaining the safety of our workers, contractors and the public. By creating a work environment that minimizes and eliminates hazards and ensuring work processes reflect a focus on quality, we are building a workplace that assures workforce and public safety and protection of the environment.

Our employees and contractors integrate safety and health, radiation protection, environment, quality, audit and emergency preparedness and response, as well as contractor safety and environment programs into every aspect of our northern operations. We closely monitor operations to identify and address risks that may have an impact on safety, health, the environment and quality.

Successful candidates for positions that are safety-sensitive or at safety-sensitive sites, must take and pass a substance test (which includes marijuana testing) as a condition of employment. Marijuana remain in a user’s system for about 30 days, so applicants/employees who have recently used marijuana should not expect to pass a substance test.

The following northern Saskatchewan sites and positions are designated as safety-sensitive sites under Cameco’s Alcohol and Substance program:

Sites: Cigar Lake, Key Lake, McArthur River, Rabbit Lake, and Exploration camps.

Positions: Positions that require driving to communities as part of their responsibilities, such as community relations liaisons, corporate responsibility and La Ronge office positions.


Cameco is committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming, inclusive, barrier-free work environment which allows all employees to perform their jobs at an optimal level. Achieving this desired environment depends upon mutual respect, creative problem solving and co-operation. We have been consistently recognized as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers since 2010.


Every employee has the right to work in an atmosphere that is free from harassment, violence and discrimination. Cameco's respectful workplace program reflects our commitment to create and maintain a work environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. Cameco provides ongoing learning opportunities to build a respectful workplace and is prepared to take prompt action when there is evidence that this program is being violated. All employees must attend respectful workplace courses that clearly identify expectations.


Cameco's Code of Conduct and Ethics applies to all employees, officers and board members of Cameco and its subsidiaries. The code includes guidance on how to conduct business according to our values — safety and environment, people, integrity and excellence. By conducting ourselves ethically and with integrity, we continue to build strong relationships and earn the trust of others. How we do business is what makes Cameco a supplier, partner, investment and employer of choice in the nuclear industry.  



Competitive compensation & benefits:

Cameco's compensation program has two components: base and variable pay. Base pay is determined on job categorizations and market surveys or, in the case of unionized employees, is negotiated under the union contract. Variable pay includes annual performance incentive bonus programs and employee share ownership programs.

Cameco provides the following fixed benefits to regular full-time employees as of their date of hire:

  • Employee and dependent life insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Disability benefits
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Employee and family assistance plan

In addition to fixed benefits, salaried employees participate in Cameco’s flex-benefit program which provides a choice of core health and dental benefits and flex-credits.

Cameco's unionized workforce also enjoys competitive benefits, negotiated through collective bargaining.

Woman sitting on a medical bed getting her ears checked by a health care worker

Wellness programs:

Cameco offers a variety of company-wide and site-specific wellness programs such as:

  • on-site fitness facilities
  • lunch-and-learn information sessions
  • lifestyle programs
  • team activities and site-to-site fitness challenges
  • interest-free loans to purchase fitness equipment and computers

Acknowledging that employees' well-being is measured in many ways, site-by-site Live Better committees help determine the best program fit for each workplace. These wellness activities complement Cameco’s benefits programs.

Retirement program:

Cameco’s retirement programs help employees build financial security for their post-employment future. Contributions are made by both Cameco and the employee based on a percentage of the employee's earnings.



We make significant investments in training and career development programs to ensure our northern employees have every opportunity to reach their professional goals.

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Cameco Apprenticeship Program:

Cameco actively recruits northern apprentices for our Saskatchewan mines and mills in order to address shortages in trades positions at these locations. Apprentices are mentored by Cameco employees who are experienced journeypersons. Each apprentice is required to spend work and personal time with a workplace educator to ensure academic success throughout the apprenticeship. Full tuition, books and living and travel allowances are provided if required while the apprentice is engaged in the theoretical learning phases.

Career transition program:

Qualifying high-potential RSN employees who are interested in furthering their education can take paid time away from their Cameco position to complete their academic studies. The goal is to increase the number of northerners in operational and professional positions that ultimately lead to supervisory or managerial positions. Each career transition participant receives 75% of their annual salary and benefit coverage at the time of career transition program approval and during academic studies. Cameco also pays tuition, books and a living allowance if required. Participants are guaranteed work assignments during non-academic terms and a job placement into a new profession upon successful completion of the program of study (if applicable). They have access to academic and coaching support through mentors, Cameco’s workplace educators and northern affairs human resources.