Sheldon Landry

Sheldon Landry

Sheldon Landry

Jet-bore operator, Cigar Lake

Given the uniqueness of the technology, JBS operators are also unique mining careers.​  

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Cameco’s Cigar Lake operation is the only mine in the world that uses the jet boring system (JBS), designed specifically for our technically challenging, high-grade ore. Jet boring involves using water under high pressure to carve out cavities in the orebody and then collecting the resulting ore slurry through pipes. The process later involves backfilling the cavities in the orebody with concrete once the ore is removed.

Given the uniqueness of the technology, JBS operators are a brand new position under development by Cameco. We have 16 JBS operators and two foremen at Cigar Lake who operate the machine in the various stages of the jet boring process. They also perform regular operational checks and maintenance on the equipment as required, to ensure safe and efficient production on site.

To become a JBS operator, you must have a valid Saskatchewan or interprovincial journeyperson ticket in a related trade and a minimum of three years of industrial experience. Equivalent combination of education and significant work experience in drilling, underground mining or process operator experience without a journeyperson ticket may also be considered. Our JBS crew currently consists of a variety of backgrounds, such as machinists, carpenters, mechanics and drillers. People with strong communication, basic computer skills and a background in operating complex machinery will do well in this role. We have a JBS trainer on site to teach new operators the various stages of the job.

Cameco supports employees’ growth within the company. The position comes in five levels, according to education, training and experience. Fifth class JBS operators with a trades background and additional education and experience could progress all the way up to a foreman level, who is responsible for overseeing the crew. On-site trainers are available to support employees upgrading their trade qualifications.

Like most positions at our operational sites in Northern Saskatchewan, JBS operators work a rotational schedule and commute to site by plane.