Each year Cameco receives many worthy requests to support community-building initiatives in northern Saskatchewan. While all requests for investments and sponsorships are carefully reviewed, Cameco gives priority to initiatives that promote youth activities in the following areas:

  • Mental health
  • Community wellness
  • Education
  • Community development

Cameco’s decision to focus on youth initiatives came at the request of elders and community leaders in northern Saskatchewan. "Northern leadership and elders are very concerned about young people; their mental, spiritual and physical health. Overwhelmingly, they are asking for investments in filling the gaps in the northern educational system along with providing recreational facilities and programming. They are concerned about young people being not only "job ready," but also their ability to reach for the higher paying jobs through the path of math and sciences.” from the 2007 Survey of Elders and Community Leaders


When requesting funding from Cameco, it is important that you do so online and that you provide us with the following information:

  • Name and address of organization
  • Date of event or initiative
  • Description of initiative
  • Who will benefit or participate
  • Funding or promotional items requested
  • Budget, including expected revenues and expenses
  • Type and level of recognition provided to Cameco Corporation
  • Contact phone number and e-mail.

To help ensure a fair process, Cameco has adopted several guidelines to aid us in our decisions. We generally do not provide investments if an initiative falls outside these guidelines.

Cameco will also not provide investments for:

  • Groups who do not hold non-profit status
  • Travel for individuals or teams
  • Deficit elimination of an organization
  • An organizations operational expenses
  • For loans, lotteries or cash prizes
  • To fraternal or religious organizations
  • Playgrounds/sport courts

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