Meet Our People

  • Careers - Fern Family Profile Picture

    The Fern Fraternity

    Marty (Cigar Lake), Victor Jr (Rabbit Lake), and Victor Fern Sr (Cigar Lake)

    "Cameco has been really good to us over the years and we've all had a chance to really develop and grow as people and support our own families, so it's been pretty special for all of us." - Marty Fern

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  • Careers - Daley McIntyre Profile Picture

    Daley McIntyre

    Superintendent, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality
    Key Lake

    “As populations and energy demands continue to grow, it’s important we take advantage of the clean energy our industry provides. I’m very proud to be part of the solution.” 

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  • Careers - Sheldon Landry Profile Picture

    Sheldon Landry

    Jet-bore operator, Cigar Lake

    Cameco’s Cigar Lake operation is the only mine in the world that uses the jet boring system (JBS), designed specifically for our technically challenging, high-grade ore. Given the uniqueness of the technology, JBS operators are a brand new position under development by Cameco.

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