Partnering for Prosperity with Pinehouse

The northern Village of Pinehouse, located in the boreal forest on the western shore of Pinehouse Lake, is transforming its community into a thriving, self-sustaining example of the power of partnerships. Pinehouse, Cameco and Orano (formerly AREVA) worked together for many years, formalizing their partnership in 2012 with a Collaboration Agreement (CA).

Through the CA, the village’s rich cultural heritage, Aboriginal roots and deep ties to the land are carefully maintained while the community focuses funding and development on local businesses, workforce and training, community investment, community engagement and environmental stewardship.

“…through the Collaboration Agreement with Cameco and Orano, the community has been able to help fund social initiatives such as Recovery Lake, the Annual Elders Gathering, student scholarships, recreation and housing…” Mike Natomagan, mayor of Pinehouse, states in the Joint Implementation Committee’s (JIC) 2017 Report to Pinehouse Community Members.

Pinehouse Business North and the newly-developed Pinehouse Housing Corporation continue to see growth in demand for their services and expertise. Significant investments in local workforce training and development are ongoing.

The CA also provides an important forum, the joint implementation engagement sub-committee, to continue two-way dialogue between Pinehouse residents and industry as it relates to environmental or regulatory concerns, questions and feedback.

Learn more in the JIC 2017 Report to Pinehouse Community Members