Building Resilience Together

Strong relationships between northern Saskatchewan communities and the uranium industry are important to our mutual prosperity. Cameco and Orano have been partnering with communities in this region for decades.

Formalizing those partnerships began eight years ago. The realities of ongoing weak uranium markets, combined with the public health crisis presented by COVID-19 today, have affected benefits under the agreement. Optimizing those community benefits and further strengthening partnerships in Saskatchewan’s north will continue to be our focus as we move forward together.

In 2019, under these agreements, more than $100 million* was provided for business development, community investment and workforce development in northern Saskatchewan communities.

The success of these partnerships extend beyond the financial and rely upon effective and timely engagement practices with communities. Ongoing engagement has provided opportunities for information to be shared, questions and/or concerns to be raised and addressed. Focus on mining, decommissioning and safety programs that protect both people and the environment, which is core to engagement programs and will not be compromised.

For more details about these partnerships and the progress made in each community, 2019 reports are available on

*does not include Six Rivers Fund support