2018 Northern Sask Scholarships Awarded

2018 Northern Saskatchewan Scholarships Awarded

When Cameco announced a new northern Saskatchewan scholarship in March this year, we expected a lot of applications.  With more than seventy bright, young applicants from all across Saskatchewan’s north, our expectations were surpassed.

We’re delighted to help fifteen students begin their new school year in post-secondary institutions here in Saskatchewan. Their fields of study are as diverse as they are and this year’s recipients come from all across the north.

Click on the map markers below for information about each of our 2018 Northern Saskatchewan Scholarship recipients.

Many have expressed a goal of returning and contributing back in their home community:

“I love my community and would love to be a part of helping it thrive.”

“Upon completion I plan to teach in northern Saskatchewan. I would like to teach the youth about communities and our culture.”

“When I am finished my post-secondary education, my goal is to move back to my hometown and help the Metis Nation protect and sustain the land.”

Cameco is committed to making a positive, long-term difference in local communities. The Cameco Northern Saskatchewan Scholarship is one of the many ways in which we do so. Based on the goals they’ve described, it’s apparent that many of these students are equally committed to making a positive difference back in their home communities.

Congratulations to each of you; we wish you every success in your studies.