Northern Tour

As part of our 2015 Northern Tour, and with a focus on engaging youth and students, Cameco held travelling science fairs in five northern Saskatchewan communities.

On October 26th, residents of Pinehouse got a chance to learn about Cameco's operations. 

Cameco’s 2015 fall northern tour had a focus on youth, sharing the science behind our industry and celebrating the success of our northern business partners. Travelling with us to many of our partner communities this fall was Kendall Netmaker, the founder and CEO of Neechie Gear.

Kendal grew up on Sweetgrass First Nation in southern Saskatchewan and is one of Canada’s most prominent young indigenous entrepreneurs. Kendal's inspiring story was a hit with many young northerners and we were very pleased to work with him.

Cameco also brought owners and managers of many of our business partners to our stakeholder communities, giving northerners a chance to talk directly about career opportunities with Cameco and our partner companies.

Hosted by Cameco staff from our environment, exploration and mining operations, our traveling "science fair" at some of the tour stops was a tremendous success. We adopted an interactive format to help explain show we explore for uranium, the different methods we use to mine the deep, high grade uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin and the milling process which turns uranium ore into a product called yellowcake.

Yellowcake is the raw ingredient for uranium fuel used in nuclear power plants around the world and is a major Saskatchewan contribution to helping address the need for clean energy. Community members have told us they want to know more about how Saskatchewan uranium operations fit into the uranium fuel cycle.

Our very sincere thanks to everyone who participated in our fall northern tour and to the gracious communities who hosted our visits all across northern Saskatchewan.