The health and safety of people and the environment is among our highest priorities.

Integral to our five pillar approach, the environmental management programs at our operations ensure that the environmental aspects associated with the facilities are systematically identified, controlled and monitored. A summary of the monitoring results at each of our operations is published quarterly on our website and through our sustainable development reporting.

Cameco’s monitoring is also supported by independent environmental testing at regional and community levels.

Regional sampling and analysis of berries, fish, animals and water quality near communities downstream of our operations undertaken through the Eastern Athabasca Regional Monitoring Program (EARMP), which is managed by the provincial government under the Boreal Watershed Initiative.

At the community level, environmental sampling and monitoring has historically been undertaken through the Athabasca Working Group's Environmental Monitoring Program. In 2018, that program became the Community Based Environmental Monitoring Program (CBEMP). In both of these programs, northern people and companies are actively involved in identifying locations for and gathering samples which are analysed by an independent laboratory.

The results of these ongoing programs continue to show that the environment and human health in the vicinity of our operation remains protected

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Environmental Protection(As of December 31, 2022)

Learning From Our Elders

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Environment Features


Cameco and independent third parties continually monitor the environment around our northern operations.

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Environmental Risk Assessments

Public summaries of Cameco's environmental risk assessments are available on this page.

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